Thank You Havens Community

What a wonderful morning (despite the heat) at Havens!  I very much enjoyed both the art show and the music concert, and am grateful to all of our art and music teachers for dedicating so much time and energy to our children’s arts education.  I also loved watching the students arrive at school with a flower to show appreciation for their teachers; thank you for making that sweet gesture possible on a very busy morning.  In addition, thank you to the amazing HPC Hospitality team of Frannie Cooley, Jacque Jumper, Blair Paige and Jen Rego, who coordinated a delicious Mexican luncheon for all Havens staff members in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day.  An extra special thank you to Liz Tuuri-Mosbaugh for baking six dozen (yes, six dozen!) cupcakes for the Havens staff to enjoy for dessert.  

Havens Family Dance Party on Friday Evening

Spend your Friday evening showing off your dance moves at the Dads Club Family Dance Party, 6-9 pm in Ellen Driscoll.  Don’t miss the photo booth and the amazing D.J. skills of Havens dad Jeff Hiller.  Admission is $10 per person and the proceeds go to Havens. In addition, a taco truck will be on hand so that you can purchase dinner.  Thank you Dads Club!

HPC Reserve Spending

Please be on the lookout for an important email from me (via your room parent) regarding the proposed spending of some of our reserves to prevent budget cuts at PUSD.  PUSD is faced with significant and immediate budgetary challenges as a result of recent State of California funding decisions, and HPC is in a position to help. Stay tuned for more information.

Have a great week,

Rebecca Thornborrow, HPC President


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