Thank you to all of the families who voted to approve the Havens Parents Club Board slate for 2017-2018.  Yesterday, we held the annual “changeover” meeting to thank and celebrate the outgoing board members and welcome the new ones.  We have an outstanding group of parents lined up for next year who are ready, willing, and able to volunteer their time to support Havens, and I am honored to lead and serve along with them.

As many of you saw on the new board roster, Laura Amen has agreed to serve as the HPC Vice President in 2017-2018 and as HPC President in 2018-2019.   For those of you who have the good fortune of knowing Laura, you are well aware of exactly why I asked her to be the VP–she is bright, friendly, funny, organized, generous, hard-working, and even-keeled.  She has chaperoned and driven to/from every field trip that Havens offers and has contributed every item that her kids’ teachers have ever requested.  She has volunteered in the classroom for numerous projects, helped coordinate the 5th grade overnight trip, and serves as an after-school enrichment coordinator.  I am thrilled and grateful that she and I will be working together next year, and I am excited for the Havens community that she will be at the helm the following year.  Please join me in welcoming Laura as the new HPC Vice President!

Also at yesterday’s meeting, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Rebecca Thornborrow as the outgoing HPC President.  Working alongside Rebecca for the past year, I have witnessed how conscientious, hard-working, caring, and committed she is with everything she does, but in particular, with our school community.  For example, for the past year, she has been helping in the instrumental music class at 8:00 am every Thursday and has served lunch almost every week in addition to her duties as president.  But more than just putting in the effort and hours, Rebecca has been an effective and impactful leader and has helped us accomplish much this year (helping pass Measure H1, supporting the implementation of the new instructional design, facilitating the approval of the Havens gate and the approval of the reserve spending, to name a few).  The woman gets things done, and does it with kindness, integrity, grace, honesty and humility.  So if you see Rebecca on campus in the next week or have a moment to write her a quick email, please thank her for her dedication and service to the Havens Parents Club.

Enjoy this last week of school,

Dana Lung, Havens Parents Club President


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