Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

As mentioned previously, the Havens Winter Festival will be held on Friday, December 8, from 6:30-8:30 in Ellen Driscoll Auditorium.  Please join us for this family-friendly event, which will include community service activities, arts and crafts, post-dinner treats, a self-service wrapping paper station and drop-off site for those participating in the Holiday Giving Program (more info to come!), and Havens merchandise and SCRIP (gift cards and See’s Candy boxes) available for all your holiday shopping needs and donations.  Bring the family and come celebrate the winter season together.

We also need your help with the event.   Please visit our volunteer sign-up page at the following link:  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/904044EA9A92FA64-havens1 Thanks!

With Thanksgiving break and no Highlights next week, I will close by thanking all of you for contributing to the Havens community and for making it the special place it is.  I am grateful for all of the support we receive–in big and small ways, in time and dollars, in talent and effort.  Please also remember to give thanks for our administrators, teachers, and staff for the amazing work they do each and every day for our children.*  We are very fortunate to live in Piedmont and have the great schools that we do.  

Thanks and Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday,

Dana Lung, HPC President


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