The first HPC meeting of 2018 will be on Thursday, January 11, at 8:35 am in Ellen Driscoll (please note date and time change).  Our featured speaker will be PUSD Board of Education member and Havens representative Doug Ireland.  Doug will give an overview of the School Board, discuss current issues, and take questions.  In addition, Anne Dolid will give her Principal’s report, a few HPC Board chairs will provide updates, and we’ll discuss what’s coming down the pike this winter and spring.

As the calendar year comes to an end, I wish you and your family a wonderful winter break and all the best for the new year.  Thank you for your time, hard work, energy, and resources these past few months, and I look forward to working with all of you in the second semester.  I encourage all of you who haven’t yet attended an HPC meeting or participated in an HPC activity to get involved early and often in 2018.  We still have much to do this school year and need talented and committed parents to do it, so please make it your New Year’s resolution to join us in January and beyond.   

Thanks again for your amazing support and Happy Holidays,

Dana Lung, HPC President


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