A message from our Parent Club President

Next week Wednesday, January 31, at 8:30 am in Ellen Driscoll, Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD) Superintendent Randy Booker will be coming to Havens for his second semester’s Superintendent’s Coffee. This event is a rare opportunity for parents to meet and talk with Randy in an informal, intimate setting. We had a small, but vocal group at last semester’s coffee and those in attendance got to ask whatever questions were on their minds. Come to next week’s coffee and take advantage of this special gathering just for Havens parents.
A reminder from last week that the next HPC meeting will be on Monday, February 5, at 6:30 pm in the Havens Library (please note the date and time change). It will be a tri-school meeting so that our guest speakers can address all 3 parents clubs at once. Our first guest speaker will be Randy who will provide an update on the state’s budget, its impact on PUSD’s budget, and the district’s needs for next year. Our second guest speaker will be Sara Wicht, who is the trainer working with PUSD staff to implement the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Teaching Tolerance” curriculum. Sara will be in Piedmont that entire week for staff training and community workshops (see next paragraph) and will give us a taste of the work we’re doing together as a district and community.

Thank you to all of you who have already signed up for the “Let’s Talk! Building an Inclusive Piedmont Through Deliberative Dialogue” workshops, organized by The City of Piedmont, PUSD, and the Piedmont Appreciating Diversity Committee. Led by facilitator Sara Wicht, the Let’s Talk! workshops are designed specifically for Piedmonters to engage in an enriching community dialogue: to listen, learn, and understand one another better, respectfully. The workshops will be on February 5, 10 and 11 and will be broken up into two sessions. Session I, an introduction offered in the morning on all 3 days, will focus on identities and community building and Session II, a continuation offered in the afternoon on February 10 and 11, will offer advanced discussions. The workshops are free for everyone, including age-appropriate kids. To register for both Session I and Session II and find out more details, please visit: http://www.padc.info/lets-talk -workshops.html
Thanks and get involved where you can,

Dana Lung

HPC President


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