Our second pizza pop-up fundraiser was even more successful than the pilot thanks to the efforts and generosity of Havens parents Charlene Reis and Paul Arenstam of Summer Kitchen & Bake Shop. Those families who ordered online ahead of time, picked up their dinners when they picked up their kids from school, and in the process, raised money for Havens through some of the proceeds. We hope to offer this convenient and delicious time-saver more often next year. Thank you to Charlene and Paul, and all the families who participated.
Havens is the place to be tonight for the Spring Book Fair, taco truck, and special viewing of the art show.  The book fair, run by our fabulous HPC Library Team of Penny Graham, Joy Nieman, and Katie Sample, is a fundraiser for the Havens Library, so stock up on tons of great books for your family and friends’ summer reading.  You can also buy books for your teachers and donate them to their individual class libraries.  After buying your books and dinner from the taco truck, don’t forget to view the amazing art work all around campus.  Walk through the office, library and hallways
to see spectacular art created by our students.  Special thanks to art teacher Brittney Price and the parent volunteers who spent hours and hours putting up the beautiful displays.
Our final HPC meeting will be next Tuesday, May 22, at 10:00 am off campus to celebrate our outgoing board and welcome the incoming one.  If you are not a board member and would like to attend the HPC Changeover Brunch, please email me at dana.lung@stanfordalumni.org and I’ll send you the address of the off-campus location.  Please join us!
Although you may be relieved to know that this message is my last as HPC President, I am rather sad about it because the experience of leading the Havens Parents Club has been incredible.  My life has been enriched by getting to meet so many Havens families this year, and getting to know other families better.  I have truly enjoyed working with so many of you, who have tirelessly and valiantly volunteered your time and contributed in so many different ways on behalf of our children.  Your talents, ingenuity, generosity, hard work, passion and caring have inspired me throughout the year, and I am grateful to have served along side you.
Through my many hours at school this year, I got to witness the learning in the classrooms, the repairing of relationships in the counselor’s office, the high-fives on the field, and the curiosity in the library.  As you know, we are fortunate to have such committed and dedicated teachers and staff at Havens, who are not only working to educate our children for success in the future, but also are helping them develop into responsible and thoughtful adults.  I am proud to have been part of of the roll-out of the Havens values and appreciate the efforts of the entire staff in teaching our children about caring, courage, integrity and that everyone at Havens belongs.  Thank you to our courageous leader Anne Dolid, who demonstrates the values every day in her work and who has been so helpful as a resource, advocate, expert, cheerleader, sounding board, and partner.
There are better days ahead for HPC as Laura Amen will be stepping into the role of HPC President.  I asked Laura to be Vice President this year because I knew how conscientious, generous, reliable, enthusiastic, smart and funny she is.  However, in working with her so closely this year,  she surpassed all expectations and confirmed what an outstanding leader she will be next year.  We are in for a treat as Laura takes the helm with her wit, creativity, thoughtfulness and talent.  On a personal note, special thanks to Rebecca Thornborrow, Emeritus President of HPC, who quietly but consistently served as my advisor throughout the year, always happy to listen, give input and provide historical perspective.  As a graduating 5th grade parent, Rebecca will be greatly missed next year at Havens, where she has given so much of her time and talent in the instrumental music class every week, as well as many other contributions throughout the years.
Thank you all again for a wonderful year and Happy Summer,
Dana Lung
HPC President

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