From Laura Amen, HPC President 2018-19

This is my first of many weekly messages to all of you and I MUST start it by thanking Dana Lung for all she has done this year to make Havens shine.  Dana has effusively thanked HPC board members, parent volunteers, teachers and staff throughout the year, and I have been waiting to finally do the same for her.

I have been awe (and I admit slightly terrified as I ponder the coming year!) of her hard work and dedication.   Dana is conscientious – she comes prepared to meetings, looks at all situations with fairness always in mind, reminds everyone of deadlines, connects people that need to communicate, coordinates calendars like a master and never lets anything slip through the cracks – even if it means staying up in the wee hours of the night or rising at the crack of dawn. Dana is also a people person – she remembers EVERYONE’S name (I actually think it’s her superpower), she is warm and thoughtful to all she encounters and she is inclusive to all who cross her path.  Dana personifies our Havens values perfectly! And while Dana has been so lovely to all of us, you may not realize just how kind she has been to our children. I’d be willing to bet she knows pretty much all of their names (remember, it’s her superpower) but in her many hours on campus she always stops to say hello to them, she makes sure they are kind to one another, that the child with the bloody nose in the office is OK, that the child not yet picked up after school has a ride and the list goes on. I know our kids feel how much she cares about them and their school.  We celebrated Dana at yesterday’s HPC changeover meeting and the good news is that she will still be a Havens parent for a few more years and around campus involved in our activities and welcoming to all. If you see Dana or have a moment to send her a note, please thank her for her endless dedication to the Havens Parents Club.

As many of you saw on the new board roster, Tara Boris has agreed to serve as the HPC Vice President in 2018-2019 and as HPC President in 2019-2020.  For those of you who know Tara (with 4 kids formerly in or currently at Havens that’s many of you!) you know exactly why I asked her to be VP – she is friendly, thoughtful, bright, hardworking, kind and hilarious.  Tara has been our HPC New Families Chair, Lunch Service Co-Chair, classroom volunteer extraordinaire, field trip chaperone and the list goes on. I’m thrilled that she and I will be working together next year and I’m excited for Havens that the following year she will be the fearless (and fun!) HPC President.

Thank you to all the families who voted to approve the Havens Parents Club Board slate for 2018-2019.  As I mentioned, yesterday we held the annual changeover meeting to thank our outgoing board members and welcome the new ones.  We have an outstanding group of parents lined up for next year who are ready, willing and able to volunteer their time and talents to support Havens, and I am excited to serve along with them.

Lastly, I encourage you to get in touch with me if you have any ideas/suggestions/thoughts for HPC.  And if you want to get involved let me know. I will work to keep these updates shorter in the future.  My husband suggested I cut out half the text and minimize my use of exclamation points – so I’ll keep that in mind.  Maybe!

Enjoy this last week of school,

Laura Amen, Havens Parents Club President



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