When did the end of year countdown begin in your home?  I actually think my kids have been too busy to even start one this year! One last task for you from Havens Parents Club, please mark your calendars with a few dates for the start of the school year:

8/13 – TK/Kindergarten Open House & Play Date (8:50 am in classrooms/blacktop)

8/14 – First Day of School

8/14 – Back to School Coffee (right after drop off in Ellen Driscoll)*

8/16 – New Parent Orientation (6:00 pm in Ellen Driscoll)

8/24 – Havens Family Fun Fest (5:00 pm on the blacktop)

*All parents (and of course younger siblings that aren’t in school) are welcome.  Come learn more about our many Havens Parents Club groups, what HPC membership means to our school and sign up to volunteer for room parent, library, lunch service, and MANY more opportunities.  Please join us!

Lastly, thank you to those HPC teams who will continue their work this summer to get ready for the beginning of school in August – Merchandise, After School Enrichment, Safety/Emergency Prep and certainly more teams will be busy preparing for the coming school year.

The last few weeks, while a whirlwind, have reminded me just how enriching our school and community are…but I do admit a slower pace can’t come soon enough.  I hope you and your families have a super fun summer!

Laura Amen, Havens Parents Club President



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