Our first Havens Parents Club Meeting of the year was yesterday. Thanks to all the parents who attended.  These meetings are a great way to hear from Principal Anne Dolid on what is happening at Havens as well as from our HPC Board and Support groups with updates on their activities.  We also have guest speakers and school board updates. Our next meeting is Friday, September 21st at 8:35 am in the Havens Library.  Please mark your calendar and JOIN US!

Your kids looked great during our Picture Days last week.  I’d like to thank our parent volunteers:  Carey Valentine, Joy Nieman, Jen Hong, Tamisha Apodaca, Cindy Hinman, Tara Boris, Vanessa Spofford, Tara Dietrick, Sunny Saperstein, Alissa Welch, Barbara Dickason and Julie Stein. These parents not only retrieved and pointed our students to the available photographer, but they also acted as entertainers, hair stylists, coat racks (you didn’t want that zip up hoodie covering up the nice dress and collared shirts, did you?) and even face wipers (breakfast on the run can do that).  Is all of that necessary? No. But does it make our kids feel cared for? YES. Thank you volunteers for demonstrating our Havens values.

Speaking of volunteers, thanks to Cori Kau for helping organize our first of three tri-school lice checks this past Saturday. The next one will be in January after the winter break.  Sign up at www.piedmontstore.com. While on the store please consider joining HPC as well as contributing your student’s Field Trip Fund, Class Fund and Technology Fund if you haven’t already done so.

Lastly, mark your calendar for this Friday 8/24 from 5-7pm on the Havens blacktop for our annual Havens Family Fun Fest.  We will have Havens groups as well as district groups sharing information on how to get involved in our PUSD community.  A taco truck will be available if you’d like to purchase dinner. Or pack a picnic and bring the family down for some fun. HPC will be selling ice cream so get your kids busy with chores this week to earn some treat money!

See you around school,




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