The first 10 days of school were a whirlwind to say the least!

Day 10 ended with our annual Havens Family Fun Fest.  Based on the smiles on people’s faces (some adorned with face paint thanks to our awesome middle school volunteers) and the lively conversations taking place all around the blacktop, people really enjoyed themselves.  Hopefully you filled up on tacos as well as some great information on how to get involved in our community. Thank you to all the support groups who spent the evening at their table sharing what they are all about. If you need more information on any of these groups or contacts, please let me know.

Special thanks to our 5th Grade Leadership Team members Celeste Dickason, Shane Harris and Analie Lipansky for selling ice cream and popsicles that evening.  They used handmade signs, songs, tons of enthusiasm and big smiles to win their customers over.  It was tough job, but somebody had to convince the kids to come to their table and get a treat! Thanks to Barbara Dickason for supervising and bringing both fun and a little bit of order to the table!

Looking ahead, the first Tri-School Site Council meeting of the year is on Tuesday, September 11th from 3:30-5:00 in the Wildwood Library.  The site council consists of teachers, classified employees, administrators and parents who work with the principals to develop, review and evaluate the Single Plan for Student Achievement (the state required action plan to improve student academic performance). This year we are lucky to have Judy Lin and Mandana Veiseh as our Havens parent representatives.  If you are interested in joining their team we are looking for one more parent. If you want to learn more about the council’s work, all meetings are posted on the Havens calendar and are open to the entire school community.

Thanks to all for a really fun first couple of weeks.  I’m pretty sure the upcoming long weekend will be appreciated by many.

See you at Back-to-School Night,

Laura Amen, HPC President



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