Have you checked out Havens on Instagram (@havenselementary)?  If not, go check it out! You will see wonderful moments taking place at Havens, such as: lunchtime art, teamwork in math class, welcome of kindergarteners by the 5th graders, classroom art projects reflecting our school values and even a video of our instrumental music program.  Speaking of our music program, did you know it is supported by the Giving Campaign? This program and many others depend on our contributions to make them a part of our children’s education.  Thank you to all the families who have already made their annual donation, but we have a long way to go in order to reach our goal of 100% participation from Havens families. To learn more and to donate visit: www.piedmontedfoundation.org/donate/giving-campaign.

Havens participated in California’s Great ShakeOut last Thursday.  I’d like to give thanks to our staff and teachers for participating in this annual earthquake drill to ensure we are regularly reviewing and updating our emergency preparedness at school.   Also, thanks to the parents who came to school to simulate pick up of their children – testing each step of the process is critical to success. Lastly, thanks to HPC’s Emergency Prep/Safety Chair, Amy Gurvitz, for all of her help during the Great ShakeOut. You are a superstar volunteer!

Shoo the Flu went very smoothly last week thanks to our parent volunteers who were willing to give of their time:  Alissa Welch, Amy Gurvitz, Laura Edeen, Judy Lin, Jean Takazawa, Shannon Mitchell, Jen Hong, Cori Kau and Dana Lung.  The nurses were very caring and sweet with the kids…and they worked fast too! We finished way ahead of schedule. But to be honest, the real stars of the show were the kids.  Some didn’t even think twice about it, others entered with bravery written all over their faces and others showed such caring for one another as they circled around their friends who may have been otherwise too scared to follow through.  Our Havens values at work!

Take care,

Laura Amen, HPC President



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