I hope you and your kids had a great time at the Havens Halloween parade.  A hectic morning for sure – nothing like trying to serve breakfast and spray paint someone’s hair all at the same time – but I’d say it’s well worth it as the parade is priceless.  I can’t believe that November is just hours away and, as is always the case at this time of year, there is much going on around our school…

Our Minted.com fundraiser starts tomorrow and runs through the end of November.  All details (including our own promo code) are included further down the newsletter.   Please support our school and encourage your friends, family and businesses to do the same if they also order holiday gifts and cards.   

Our Fall Book Fair runs November 7th-9th this year.  All details including info about TWO food truck options for family night, a bake sale and parent coffee are below.  Remember to bring your holiday shopping lists (there will be great books for all ages) and give the gift of books to those you love.  Your support goes directly to the purchase of books for our library.

While we are on the topic of holidays (I know…sorry!) I’d like to recap for parents what we do to thank both teachers and staff in December (as well as in May at the end of the school year).  At Havens we use the Class Funds that are collected through the Piedmont Store to give a “group” gift (SCRIP gift cards) on behalf of all of the students in the class.  Pooling our funds this way allows you to make one contribution per child and ensures that your gift is taken care of by HPC. That definitely helps lower the stress of the season!  Not only does your child’s teacher receive this group gift, but also teacher aides, administrative staff, teacher specialists, custodial staff etc. We want to make sure ALL who work at Havens realize that we appreciate all they do.  

  • If you have already contributed to your child(ren)’s Class Fund(s), thank you and there is nothing else you need to do.
  • If you haven’t yet made a contribution I encourage you to do so NO LATER THAN 11/9.  To make your contribution, go to www.piedmontstore.com and once logged in click on the “Havens Class Fund” icon for each child.  
  • Not sure if you already donated?  Log in to your account and check your account history.  Please note that you will have a separate account history for each PUSD student in your family.
  • Prefer to donate by check? You can leave a check made payable to HPC for $65 per child in the HPC mailbox in the office.  Just make sure to note your child(ren)’s name(s) and teacher(s) in the memo line.

Laura Amen, HPC President



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