Havens Winter Festival

What fun we had last Friday afternoon at the Havens Winter Festival!  Thanks to all who attended and shared together in the joy of the holiday season with snacks and winter crafts.  But even more importantly thanks to all for embracing such a spirit of giving.  The SERVES team had activities benefitting the victims of the Camp Fire as well as creating holiday wishes for a local senior community.  It was touching to see so many gifts pouring into Ellen Driscoll for the Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay as well.  The stage was full of overflowing bags of gifts and preschool supplies, and the gift wrapping table helpers were working feverishly to keep up!  Thank you to all for your generosity and commitment to our Havens values.

An event with a couple of hundred people attending simply cannot happen without MANY helpers.  My sincere thanks to: Amy Gurvitz and Erin Schultz for making Ellen Driscoll glow with winter decorations, Sara Eisemon and Laura Edeen for organizing and overseeing the thoughtful SERVES activities, Julie Stein for helping at the silly snowman craft table, Heidi Upton for creating the many sign ups for the JFCS Gift Giving Program, Dana Lung for managing the monumental task of organizing our JFCS gifts, Michele Cucullu for overseeing the very busy snack table (those kids sure do like Hershey kisses better than string cheese and oranges), Jamie Van Kleeck from Piedmont Middle School for organizing her awesome leadership class students to come and help, the clean up crew (always important but never a popular job) of Michele Cucullu, Dana Lung, Mandana Veiseh and Bahram Bahtami, the Scrip Team from the PEF office for joining our celebration to sell Scrip gift cards and See’s Candy, big sisters (who are also former Havens students) for helping with crafts and face painting, and Jennifer Poole and Tara Boris for joining me in filling our cars on Monday to deliver the gifts to JFCS.  I sincerely thank each of you for stepping up to volunteer.

Reminders & Dates

  • Thank you to all who made a donation to the Class Funds on the Piedmont Store (www.piedmontstore.com).  The Class Fund serves as the group gift that is given to all Havens teachers and staff in December for the holidays and in May for an end of year thank you.  The Scrip team has been busy getting the holiday gifts out, and if you already contributed there is nothing else you need to do!  If your family would like to do something instead of or in addition to the Class Fund, by all means please do so on an individual basis.  Appreciating our teachers and staff is ALWAYS wonderful.  If you have not yet donated to the Class Fund, it’s never too late.  Contribute now and it will be included for our end of year appreciation gifts in May.
  • The December 18th HPC meeting has been cancelled. Please remove from your calendar.
  • The January HPC meeting has a new date and time:  January 15, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the Havens Library.  Please update your calendar and join us.

Have a wonderful week,

Laura Amen, HPC President


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